UX Research


Thank you for taking the time to check out my research side!

With a background in information science, fine arts, and office administration, I use my expertise to strategically plan, develop, and advance user experience research projects to inform my team on how our work can best support our users. 

Before transitioning into user experience, I worked in public and academic libraries in Waterloo, helping researchers, students, and families find the information they need to be successful in their work, school, and leisure projects. 

I continue my artistic practice as I find this creative outlet energizes my user experience research.

UX Research at the University of Waterloo

Sample social media post made for one of our feedback surveys!

While an academic librarian at the University of Waterloo, I also held the role of lead UX researcher. 

In this position, I worked with stakeholders to learn their research needs and developed a research roadmap. This roadmap outlined what research we would do in the current term and planned ahead for the coming year. 

As lead, I worked with another librarian as co-chair of the Library's Usability Team, which consisted of a group of library staff who participated in facilitating and note-taking usability tests in the library. I was also the lead researcher on the Feedback team. I partnered with other departments to include their co-operative student on one research project during their time at the Library, both creating an opportunity for experiential learning for them, and a chance for me to mentor young researchers.  

With this partnership, I was able to double the number of projects and research methods used by the Feedback team, completing surveys, guerilla usability tests, heuristic analysis, and structured observations. 

Below is a sample of a couple UX research projects I completed in the Library.

Understanding user behaviour and perception of the button, "Report a Problem".

Observing user movement and use of the Library's lobby spaces.

UX Research for Saas Companies

As the solo UX researcher for two Saas companies, I've had the opportunity to bring value in the product lifecycle with secondary and primary research. Primary methods used include prototype and concept testing, usability testing, diary studies, interviews, and surveys. 

I work to find actionable and meaningful insights which lead to improvements and help guide the direction of the product.

Below is a sample of projects completed.

Uncovering student behaviours and motivations in remote educational settings.

Uncovering internal biases and advocating for a change in site structure.